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Go Green With Us

Do Your Part to Help the Earth at Our Environmentally Friendly Hotels

At Tropical Inns, we strive for each of our hotels to not only serve as a relaxing beachfront abode, but also as an environmentally friendly lodging option. When you stay at a Tropical Inns resort, you can be certain your environmental impact will be minimized by the steps we take at each of our environmentally friendly hotels.

We officially established our company’s Good Environmental Practices and created a “Green Team” of staff members in early 2008. An employee from each department was given the task of overseeing environmentally friendly practices and recycling programs at our green hotels. At check-in, we provide you with a Welcome Sheet including information on in-room recyclable materials and other details of our recycling program.


  • Monthly Environmental Committee meetings
  • Employee incentives for carpooling or public transit use
  • “Green Rooms,” with more than a dozen low-impact products
  • Recycling service for plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard and cooking grease
  • Earth-friendly hand and bath tissue (minimum 40% post-consumer waste content)
  • Maintain compost gardens, collect & purify rainwater, garden organically with indigenous plants
  • Schedule energy controls for premium efficiency, guestroom occupancy sensors
  • Fluorescent, LED or other low wattage lighting in 70%-plus of common area
  • Compact and low-energy fluorescent lighting in guestrooms
  • EPA Energy Star-approved HVAC systems
  • 1.6-gallon toilets with early closure toilet flappers
  • Cleaning chemicals with MSDS health rating of 1 or less and/or are Green Seal certified
  • Non-smoking facilities
  • Indoor paints that are low- or zero-VOC and/or Green Seal certified
  • Reduced or replaced chlorine usage in swimming pools and fountains
  • Night lights in guestrooms


  • Green Suites Green Hotel certification
  • Voted Best Green Small Hotel in 2010, 2009, 2008 (Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association)
  • Member