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Tropical Inns Puerto Rico is a pet-friendly chain. We have one of our four Paradores / Hotel that accepts up to two pets per room and has a non-refundable cleaning fee to ensure that no future guests with allergies have problems after your departure. For this reason, it is essential that you know the regulations for dogs and cats that enter our facilities.

1- The Parador MaunaCaribe is the “pet friendly” hotel of the Tropical Inns Puerto Rico chain.

2- Up to two pets are allowed in the room, as long as they are domestic animals (dogs or cats). In no case will animals such as reptiles, arachnids, birds, among other species prohibited by law, be allowed.

3- It is the guest's obligation to inform during their call or reservation process that they will bring pets to their stay, including guests with a Service Animal (dog) trained to perform specific tasks that assist disabled person (ADA Law reference). Persons with emotional support animals, therapy animals or others must cumply the pet regulations in our facilities. Keep in mind that for the entry of the pet, they must comply with the vaccination, health and safety regulations. In case of an eventuality, you must have your card at hand.

4- Any person who enters and/or stays in our facilities with a service animal - Dog is required to answer in writing the following (ADA Law allows the staff to ask these two questions):

  • Is the animal (Dog) required due to a disability? YES______  /  NO______ (If the answer is NO, your animal will be considered a pet).
    • Emotional support animals, therapy animals and others are not service animals defined and established by ADA Law.
  • What job or task has the animal (Dog) been trained for? _____________________________________________________________.
    • Handicap bedroom will be assigned for the stay.
    • If the person is unable to control the service animal (Dog), and it is out of control, our staff will request to remove the animal and/or request to make a check out from our facilities without the right of refund or credit.

5- When entering pets to our facilities, it is understood that the owner (s), or person in charge of them, declare that their pets do not belong to the breeds considered potentially dangerous animals.

6- Each pet must weigh a maximum of 15 pounds, otherwise it will not be admitted. We have limited rooms for guests with pets.

7- The pet cleaning fee is $ 25.00 + taxes for each night of stay and will be charged to your account at the time of Check-In (Registration).

  • If intensive cleaning and repairs are required that go beyond the normal deep cleaning process, additional fees may be charged.

8- The owner or guardian of the pet is directly responsible for the mischievous, careless or presented behavior caused by the pet in a certain situation.

9- The owners or the person who is in charge of the pet, will be responsible to any visitor or domestic animal that is affected in its physical or emotional integrity.

10- Pets that do not comply with all the regulations are not allowed:

  • Vaccine carton
  • Walker necklace
  • Regulation "Pet Friendly" initiated and signed by the guest in charge of the reservation.

11- The pet must always be with a responsible adult while it is within the facilities of the parador / hotel. The pet may not stay alone in the room, except for the time of food consumption in the Restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you leave the room and the pet stays in the room, the pet (s) will need to be placed in a cage or pet carrier.

12- Children should not be alone with pets. Children are prohibited from walking with pets.

13- It is forbidden to use crockery, glassware and utensils intended for our guests, to feed your pet. The owner must carry the necessary feeders for this purpose.

14- It is forbidden to bathe pets in the room's shower, as well as the use of towels.

15- During your visit to the parador / hotel, your pet must wear a collar and leash at all times.

16- You should not circulate with your pet, emotional support animal, therapy animal and others in the areas of the hotel that are not allowed such as: restaurant, bar, swimming pool, pool area, gym, lounges, basketball / volleyball court. The hotel administration may include other areas if necessary. Service animal (dog) trained to perform tasks that assist disabled person (ADA Law reference), it can accompany its master throughout the facilities, except inside the swimming pool.

  • To avoid accidents, never release your pet while it is inside the parador / hotel facilities.
  • To maintain a clean and pleasant space, avoid your pet from relieving themselves in the public areas of the parador / hotel.
  • Pick up and clean up solid and liquid waste should your pet do so.
  • The guest is obliged and is responsible for cleaning the pet's waste.
  • In the assigned area the guest is obliged to carry a plastic bag with him to collect his pet's waste.
  • The hygiene of your pet, as well as the area where it stays, is the responsibility of the host. Always have your cleaning kit on hand.
  • The hotel does not provide a kit to collect pet waste.

17- If your pet discards liquid or solid waste on carpets, beds, mattresses, sofas, decorative chairs or any other element of the parador / hotel, the cleaning of it will be the responsibility of the owner and if cleaning is not possible, the owner must make the payment of the product.

18- Dogs that habitually bark excessively or are aggressive towards people or other pets are not allowed. The parador / hotel will contact you through the cell phone number that appears in your registry to any party in violation of this regulation, and / or any complaint from another guest about noise or damage. The complaint of any other guest will be taken with the utmost seriousness. In any case, the guest may be asked to make alternative arrangements for their pet or it will be the administration's decision to terminate the stay at the parador / hotel, without the right to reimbursement.

19- This regulation applies from the first moment the animal is entered into our facilities.

20- We reserve the right of admission. This document is subject to revision and change without notice.

If you have questions about our pet policy, please call the Parador MaunaCaribe directly at (787) 861-3330. You can also contact the Call Center by calling (787) 893-4423.